Do you feel overwhelmed by stress, lack of energy, general discomfort?

Why wait until it becomes unbearable?

Free yourself from your energy


An exclusive remote biofield tuning offer


Soothing and relaxing

The selected sound frequencies soothe the body, heart and mind. We feel a global cellular coherence that anchors us.


I had an electrification accident. I developed hypervigilance and difficulty falling asleep in addition to burning sensations all over my upper body. Each time I received a sound treatment over the phone, I felt calmer and calmer. I couldn't believe it!"

Lucie Montpetit


your energy

Releasing invigorating energy, these frequencies revitalize and strengthen your energy barrier. You'll be able to face the rest of the day or week with greater ease.

Alongside Qi Gong, tuning forks reduce mental energy dispersal, promoting clarity in decision-making.


Holistic and Spiritual


To cultivate a state of presence and awareness, specific frequencies facilitate deeper meditation.

Vivez une période de grande paix intérieure, loin de la cacophonie du quotidien.

"I help people move from 'survival mode' to 'fulfilled mode,

from indecision to action."

One step at a time towards self-mastery...

My book

Breaking Free from Persistent Fatigue

This book is aimed at people suffering from burnout, who want to take charge of their lives and get out of it, and at professionals working with this clientele. It contains essential information on your needs and energy level, and presents a new approach to facilitating self-healing.

About Lucie Montpetit

Lucie, an expert in stress and fatigue management, is a renowned author. With 35 years' experience as an occupational therapist, she has retired to devote herself to guiding people towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Qualified in the science of transformation and coaching, she has taught "Rehabilitation and disabling fatigue" at the IFCQ. Her expertise includes natural bio-hacking and self-mastery.

Her vast experience, combined with her in-depth knowledge of innovative techniques such as frequentcy modalities, makes her an invaluable ally for those seeking to overcome stress and fatigue, and achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

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